AAA Grade Replica Montblanc M Marc Rollerball Pen - Black Resin & Rose Gold

 Mont Blanc
AAA Grade Replica Montblanc M Marc Rollerball Pen - Black Resin & Rose Gold

This is the highest quality Copy Montblanc M Marc Newson Rollerball Pen in Black & Rose Gold

High Quality Black resin w/Rose Gold clip

  • 100% exact copy.
  • Very heavy and strong construction.
  • Replicated to the smallest detail. 
  • Features a magnetic closure system same as original. 
  • Comes with Mont Blanc box
  • With proper Montblanc Engraving all over the Marc Newson Rollerball pen.
  • Newson – now part of Apple’s design team – incorporated magnets that snap the cap and barrel together so the clip aligns with a “plateau” at the other end of the implement. The brand’s star-shaped logo is displayed in white on the top of the cap, as well as on a bevelled portion at the other end of the pen. 

We have a wide range of Montbanc M Marc Newson replica pens, most of the pens available in Ballpoint / Rollerball and fountain pen. We provide the first-class customer service and best quality. We only sell high quality replica Montblanc pens! We do wholesale and retail, Buy Online, Ship to worldwide. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. You will receive the exact Knockoff Mont Blanc M Marc Newson Black Rollerball pen as shown.  Perfect gift for Christmas, Birthday, Farther's Day, Teacher's Day and Thanksgiving.

Price: $49.95
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Rollerball pen 
Ballpoint pen 
Fountain pen 
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